We are a qualified high precision part manufacturer and have excellent machining and assembly services for parts made in our production facility.

Beside this, we can deliver the required consumables such as screens, filter materials, seals, cutting knives etc. with short delivery times from our stock. We can be your turnkey partner for all type of spares, wearing parts and baskets with short and reliable delivery times.

Our range of consumables for Reineveld centrifuges consists of:

  • Cloth retainer strips

  • Rubber strips

  • Filter cloths

  • Carrier screens

  • Coarse screens

  • Fine screens

  • Scraper knives

  • Brake pad

Our range of spareparts for Reineveld centrifuges consists of:

  • Brake parts such as discs, calipers, seals

  • Shaft holders

  • Seal flanges

  • Main shafts

  • SKF bearing parts