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​​For this project had to manufacture a basket for one of our customers Reineveld centrifuge.

CSE's baskets suited for Reineveld centrifuges are made of 100% high quality duplex steel and comply to the latest European Common Safety Standards (EN 12547 + A1) and are built with a precision comparable of that of the Swiss. Our baskets easily meet the requested balancing standard G2.5 (ISO 1940).

The latest engineering tools provide the ability to analyze detailed inside information from the basket such as stress, strain, flow and vibration. The completely smooth surface of the entire basket provides superior hygenic properties and hole patterns have been optimized for dewatering reasons without compromises on strength.

CSE Baskets:

  • Made of 100% high quality duplex stainless steel

  • Extremely strong

  • Corrosion resistant and will not rust

  • Do not require any cladding or coating

  • Completely machined

  • Thoroughly tested for material, dimension and balance

  • Consistently measure within grams of accuracy in vibration analyses

  • Can be installed by trained CSE Engineers

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